• Quantum QHM 855 Over the Ear Wired … Rs.615
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    Vibration with Bass Aluminum to improve Audio performance. Wired Over the ear Headphones with Sensitive Mic Stick.Omnidirectional Circumaural Open Headphones Over the head Design 20 mW of Max Power Input 30 mm Headphone Driver Units Neodymium Magnet…
  • Logitech Headphone (UE 600), black Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon ¬†Our Logitech UE 600s use a unique top-firing armature in each ear for an extended high-frequency response and a full soundstage. You'll enjoy an impressively immersive experience no matter what type of music you're listening to …
  • Logitech Headphone (UE 400), black Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Crisp highs. Warm mids. Powerful bass. When nothing but the music matters, our 400s deliver a balanced frequency response and a highly detailed soundstage. The high-quality diaphragm drivers were designed and tuned for music lovers who want to hear th…
  • Nokia WH 930 HD Stereo Headset, white Rs.11,420
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Key Features of Nokia WH-930 HD Stereo Headset Wired On-the-ear Headset Supra-aural Closed Headset Over-the-head Design Built-in Microphone 20 Hz - 20000 Hz Headset Frequency Response 3.5 mm Headphone Jack …
  • Quantum QHM5507H Stereo Handsfree 3.5mm … Rs.549
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Quantum stereo headphones is ideal companion that makes you enjoy listening to the music or talking on the phone as it gives out hi-fi sound quality. This stereo corded headset delivers sound in crisp clarity so that you hear every single beat wit…
  • Nokia Coloud Boom Headset, red Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Key Features : Sleek and very Comfortable Produce high quality sound Colourful and Absolutely stylish Work with any device with 3.5mm Audio Jack Tangle-free flat cable with Cable-control Integrated microphone Directional microphone Multifuncti…
  • Beats By Dr Dre PRO HEADPHONE, black Rs.28,000
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Features The sound of the studio Beats Pro professional headphones sound so good because they put back the quality lost in modern-day file compression. That means you're really hearing music the way it was originally heard by the artist in the…
  • Logitech Headphone (UE 6000), black Rs.17,995
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Custom-built, laser-tuned drivers are housed inside computer-optimized dual acoustic chambers. The result is a wide-open soundstage and a remarkable level of detail in all your music. The detachable cable is designed to reduce tangling and friction so…
  • Logitech Headphone (UE 350), black Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Does a deep, thumping bass get your blood pumping? Our Ultimate Ears 350 Noise-Isolating Earphones are the choice for you. Ideal for listening to hip-hop, house and electronica (or for anyone who likes a little extra low-end in their music) our 350s a…
  • Nokia Coloud Pop Headset, blue Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Key Features : Lightweight Produce high quality sound Angled ear-buds fits perfectly in ear Tangle-free flat cable Easy to carry, fit right in your pocket Directional microphone Multifunctional Operating Keys …
  • Quantum 555 Earphones Combo, black Rs.500
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Have fun listening to clear and crisp sound on the QHM 555 earphones. This earphones are small, perfect fit and efficient speakers for in-ear headphones and give out accurate sound quality that will amuse you. The headphones are light weight an…
  • Logitech STUDIO GRADE SOUND Headphone, black Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon ¬†Crafted and tuned by same engineers who build our pro earphones for recording artists and sound engineers, the Logitech UE 900s feature a unique quad-armature design …
  • Nokia Coloud Knock Headset, yellow Price Not Available
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Key Features : Lightweight and Super stylish Produce high quality sound Ergonomically designed cans are super-comfortable Tangle-free flat cable Directional microphone Multifunctional Operating Keys …
  • Logitech Headphone (UE 9000), black Rs.31,995
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon Wireless listening no longer means sound-quality compromises. We've optimized the wireless signal using the highest quality codecs, advanced digital signal processing and our robust Bluetooth implementation for reliable connectivity, enhanced range an…
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